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millet aloo tikki

This highly recommended dish features crispy amaranth potato cakes with sweet and sour tamarind sauce topped with garnishing 

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Thier ingredients are locally grown and organic and their menu offers everything from korean to mexican to street food.
Binge on: Millet aloo tikki multi grain breakfast burrito pearl millet pudding

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Local millet is used where possible instead of wheat and rice at this environmentally aware, slow-food restaurant. There are vegan options, gluten-free dishes, fresh salads, and juices and herbal teas. Also on the menu are multigrain sandwiches and millet pizzas, plus regular curries, Indian snacks, pasta and pancakes.

lonely planet

Wonderful food , many thanks for feeding me for 45 days 




Malika sherawat

Bollywood actress

Royal standards
of service

Maintaining High Standards Of Hygiene and royalty  which reflects the  authentic traditional culture of  India

cooking classes from millets of mewar

We are offering healthy cooking training programmes for restaurants, institutes, resorts, students and anyone else interested in an in-depth learning about what it takes to cook sumptuous healthy meals.


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